Fun Facts


  • The first same sex couple to be found in recorded history comes out of Egypt 2400BC
  • The “HIGH FIVE” first came to pass by a gay baseball player in 1977
  • The entire population of dwarf chimpanzees is bisexual


2000 – The Netherlands becomes the first country to legalize same sex marriage

*Of the 4 couples married the day of legality, 2 are still together while the other 2 are now widow/widowers

2004 – The city of San Francisco allows 4,000 same sex couples to marry at a time when 11 states took legal measures to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

2004 – Massachusetts becomes first state in U.S to legalize

2005 – Canada becomes first country in the Americas to legalize

2011 – New York City’s first same sex marriage is that of a lesbian couple who are 76 and 85 years old. 

2019 – Taiwan becomes first Asian nation to legalize

1960’s – Most NYC gay bars are owned and operated by The Mafia
1968 – The United States sees it’s first gender affirmation surgery performed

1969 – NYPD raid the Stonewall Inn. The riots that followed would go on to be known as the birth of the gay rights movement

1969 – TIME MAGAZINE becomes first major publication to put gay rights on it’s cover

1973 – American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from it’s list of mental disorders.

2003 – Federal Laws declassify same sex activity as being punishable through incarceration.

2011 – CALIFORNIA becomes the first state to require school systems to teach historical accomplishments of gay men and lesbians.


Top 3 cities with largest LGBTQ+ population

NYC 47,000

LA    12,000

CHICAGO 10,000

Top 3 cities with highest concentration of LGBTQ+ people

SAN FRANCISCO 15.4% of all residents

SEATTLE 12.9% of all residents

ATLANTA 12.8% of all residents

Top 3 states with same sex couples raising children

MISSISSIPPI 26% of all residents

WYOMING 25% of all residents

ALASKA 23% of all residents

CALIFORNIA has the most same sex couples – 92,138

NORTH DAKOTA has the least – 703


2006 – SAO PAULO  – 3mil in attendance

2007 – MADRID EUROPRIDE – 2.3 mil in attendance

2016 – NYC – 2mil in attendance

2014 – SAN FRANCISCO – 1.7 mil in attendance

2015 – NYC – 1.6mil in attendance