Within the $3.5B allocation from congress to fight homelessness, only $195M finds it’s way to shelters that cater to LGBTQ+ people, That’s horrifying and extremely disbalanced. Here are a few of the ways your donation will go to make someone else’s life a little less overbearing.

$19 – cost of a cake for a Trinity Place Shelter resident
$28 – cost to offset NYC subway for one week (2 trips per day)
$200 – cost to feed all 10 residents one dinner
$550 – cost for new mattress – *rollaway beds provided by Trinity
$1100 – cost for a weeks worth of meals for all 10 residents
$5800 – monthly food cost to feed all 10 residents

With The Colors of Love being an ALL VOLUNTEER STAFF who work from home, we are able to keep overhead costs next to nothing. This allows us to maximize our ability to make a difference in the life of a sheltered youth.

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It is a Standard Operating Procedure of The Colors of Love to make our contributions to shelters and organizations that cater to LGBTQ+ people. Last year, over $50,000 was gifted to one shelter in NYC. We are planning to expand upon that this year by making contributions to LGBTQ+ shelters in every state that our donors are from!
Whenever possible, The Colors of Love will convert donations into purchases of gift cards that are then donated to the appropriate shelter. It is our experience that providing shelters with gift cards for food or other basic necessities offers a sense of validity and validation to the receiver, while alleviating the staff from having to decide the best way to use your gift. Gift cards are given to the director of the shelter for use at their discretion.

*The Colors of Love is awaiting approval of our 501c3 status from the IRS. As of this time all donations are NOT tax deductible. We will keep donors informed as to when our status has been changed

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