What We Do

The Colors of Love serves as an Advocacy Agency for those who have recently found themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Our site has been designed to give parents, teens, and allies informative materials specifically designed to answer many of the questions that come up during the authentication process. Funds raised through our various campaigns will benefit shelters or other organizations that cater specifically to LGBTQ+ youth.

Our Mission

To further advance the LGBTQ+ movement by providing a platform for advocacy, education, and raised awareness. No child should ever be without family.

From Our Founder

Why are we here?

Christmas 2020 brought together 1,000 unique donors who helped create a Christmas Miracle for the youth at Trinity Place Shelter. Trinity Place Shelter is a transitional shelter, and one that caters specifically to LGBTQ+ youth up to the age of 22.

While YES, the act of creating Christmas for these youth was wonderful, the overall experience left several of us wondering HOW and WHY these young people were in a shelter to begin with.

On Christmas morning, we woke up in our warm beds, while they were in a church basement. We would gather under the tree and open gifts from family and friends. Their holiday had to be made for them by strangers, us – The Love Network. We feasted on our favorite Christmas delicacies at a table where we gathered with loved ones. They had to seek out a restaurant who would accept the gift cards we sent them as well as deliver to a shelter. There, they gathered with the only family they knew – themselves (and their wonderfully selfless Executive Director, Wendy – who spent her entire Christmas Eve and Day at the shelter so that the staff could be home – angels on earth!)

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[“With transgender teens facing homelessness at such an alarming rate, the need for educational resources is only matched by the need to fund shelters that offer a safe haven to such youth. With less than .01% of the federal funding reaching shelters for LGBTQ youth, there is much work for the rest of us to do!”]


*according to a Williams Institute of Law for UCLA, publication, 2021

  • 55% of trans adults are white
  • 16% of trans adults are black / African American
  • 21% of trans adults identify has Hispanic / Latino
  • 8% of trans adults identify as something else